Our programs provide education, connection, and engagement with Mane In Heaven Miniature Therapy Horses. We serve a variety of people of all different abilities and ages providing time to pet, hug, groom, walk, and make memorable connections with our therapy horses. Studies have shown that animal-assisted activities and therapy visits provide physical, mental and emotional fulfillment.

Our Minis and Volunteers make an incredible caring team. They undergo extensive training and continuing education, which promotes positive, safe interactions with every visit. The result is improved overall well being.

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Special Minis

  • Socialization – When animals come to visit a facility, there is more laughter and interactions among residents. It’s easier to talk to residents during and after animal visits.
  • Physical Contact – The touch of an animal is safe, non-threatening, and pleasant.Empathy – It is easier to teach children to be empathetic with and animal than with a human.
  • Connection – Rather than thinking and talking about themselves and their problems, they watch and talk to and about the animals.
    Interest – Even people who don’t like animals often enjoy watching their antics and reactions.
  • Acceptance – Animals help present an air of emotional safety. Their acceptance is non-judgmental, forgiving, and uncomplicated.
  • Lasting Rapport – By being taught to take care of an animal, children can develop positive skills.
  • Mental Stimulation – Animals help increase communication with others, help with memory recall and provide entertainment.
  • Introspection – Many people relax when animals are present.
  • Nurturing – The minis are very caring, warm-hearted beings.
  • Interesting – Minis are fun to be around!
  • Something More – Some people feel spiritual fulfillment or a sense of oneness with life and nature.
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